Welcome to Fountainhead Montessori Livermore CA

With over 38 years of service in California's East Bay, the Fountainhead Montessori schools provide children in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties with a distinctive and comprehensive education. With locations in Pleasant Hill, Livermore, Orinda, Dublin, and Danville, Fountainhead Montessori offers parents a wide range of possibilities for care and education. Accepting children ages 18 months to 6 years, Fountainhead Montessori was founded by Sarah Zimmerman, who sought to create a Montessori school after working for years as a public school special education teacher. Fountainhead Montessori provides education through the Montessori method, which emphasizes learning based on the child’s environment and personal experience. With a rigorously trained and highly experienced staff, Fountainhead Montessori offers instruction by capable and loving teachers. Among the programs that the Fountainhead Montessori schools in Pleasant Hill and Livermore offer is a pre-k and kindergarten program for children ages 4 to 6. Building on the foundation established in the preschool programs, Fountainhead Montessori provides students a means to expand their capabilities in abstract thought and take the next step in school while using the same materials from past classes. Children in Fountainhead Montessori’s pre-k and kindergarten program take three or five half-day morning classes per week, developing their sensorial, math, and language skills in a classroom environment that keeps them interested and willing to learn. Fountainhead Montessori also continues students’ development in social and life skills such as building relationships and practicing healthy eating and hygiene habits. For children in the pre-k and kindergarten program looking to delve deeper into the Montessori curriculum or continue their work from morning classes, the Fountainhead Montessori schools in Pleasant Hill and Livermore offer an Extended Day class in the afternoon. Unlike other classes at Fountainhead Montessori, the Extended Day program focuses on a single subject each day of the week, enabling parents to select which days of the week they want their children in class. At the Pleasant Hill and Livermore schools, Monday and Tuesday classes focus on reading and writing, Wednesday and Thursday programs focus on math and science, and Friday classes center on either cultural studies or history. Fountainhead Montessori also utilizes lunchtime as an opportunity to teach students about nutrition, life skills, and social grace. In addition to pre-k and kindergarten, Fountainhead Montessori also provides day care for children ages 18 months to 6 years. Distinct advantages of Fountainhead Montessori's day care are that toilet training is not required and that campuses are open year round. Day care at Fountainhead Montessori functions not only as quality supervision, but as a form of additional education. With hourly billing and locations open until 6:00 or 6:30 P.M., Fountainhead Montessori allows parents to create flexible childcare schedules that serve their needs.

Phone: 925-820-1343
Email: shandy@fms.org

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